What is RapNet? Guide to the Daimond Price Lists

RapNet is the Rapaport Diamond Trading system accessible solely to people of the jewellery and diamond industry. With entries of over 700, 000 diamonds valued at a lot more than $ 5 million and over 6, 000 paid people in 76 countries, RapNet is the most significant and biggest diamond trading system within the planet. Retailers and purchasers deal directly with one another without any fee or trading costs. RapNet membership contains an on-line registration to the Rapaport Price Listing and prices $660 per year.



What is the RapNet Asking
Price List?

The RapNet Price List offers a picture of greatest and typical Asking Costs for special classes of diamonds provided for purchase on the RapNet Diamond Trading Network. The costs are offered in US $ per carat for Rapaport Specification-2 or better superb and really excellent reduce gemstones as ranked by GIA, AGS or HRD labs and detailed for purchase at 11:59 PM about the day suggested. The percentage reductions are offered as beneath or above the regular Rapaport Price List.
How is the RapNet Asking Price List different than the Rapaport Price List?

The Rapaport Price Listing, released for more than 30 years, presents Martin Rapaport’s view of Large Cash Asking Prices which are utilized by the worldwide diamond industry as a starting place for discussions and a foundation for calculating the worth for a comprehensive variety of diamond dimensions and characteristics. Actual asking prices are presented by the RapNet Asking Price List by retailers for unique gemstones. RapNet Asking Rates aren’t based on view and might vary on a minute by minute basis. RapNet Costs can be found to people on line instantly via Rapaport TradeScreens. A main advantage of the RapNet Asking Price Listing is the fact that it reveals comprehensive info about rates and discounts for the regular Rapaport Price Listing.
How to examine the RapNet Asking Price List

US$16,450 is the Best RapNet asking price designed for a Round, N, IF 1.00-1.49ct, stone. -30% is the Best RapNet asking price available indicated in phrases of reduction to the Rapaport Price List.

US$22,914 is the RapNet average selling price for the stone. -3% is the RapNet average asking price indicated in phrases of reduction to the Rapaport Price List.

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